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Digital Eye Strain

Australians love digital media and we devote half of our waking hours interacting with digital media channels across multiple devices^.


We recommend innovative lenses specifically designed for digital media use to help relax and protect your eyes and keep them feeling fresh throughout the day.

What is Digital Eye Strain?

Digital Eye Strain is the physical eye discomfort felt by many individuals after two or more hours in front of a digital screen. Symptoms can include one or more of the following and severity varies depending on the individual and time spent on digital media:

- Eye strain/fatigue

- Dry, itchy, burning or red eyes

- Blurred vision

- Headache

- Neck/shoulder/back pain

Recent studies show that as many as 65% of digital device users experience digital eye strain

symptoms, with approximately 75% of people who use two or more devices simultaneously affected.*



Blue light
LCD and LED computer and television screens, smartphones, tablets and GPS devices all emit blue light, also known as high energy visible light.  As the quality of such screens improves continuously, their blue light emission is increasing. 


Excessive amounts of this blue light can have an adverse effect and cause eye strain and fatigue.

HOYA Blue Control Lenses features:

·         Neutralise blue light, preventing from eye strain and fatigue

·         Reduce glare for more comfortable and relaxed vision

·         Better contrast perception, offering a more natural colour experience

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